In this world there are powerful people, the movers and the shakers, those who rule through manipulation, and then there’s you. So who could possibly have invited you to a secret meeting you know nothing about?
Set in the legendary age of King Arthur, this scenario brings together the lords and ladies of the tales for a gathering that will shape the fate of the Kingdom of Britain.
You're four years old and invited to a birthday party. This is going to be great! What could possibly go wrong?
An afternoon of casual violence.
The year is 1894, and mysterious events are occurring an archeological site where an unknown Pharaoh's tomb has just been discovered. What starts out as a dinner party to celebrate the discovery will soon turn very strange.
A theatreform comedy about beggars in a medieval fantasy city.
A military resistance scenario set in a near future in which China is occupying New Zealand.
A favourite US theatre-style scenario, based on the bizarre conspiracy theories about the last outing of the ghost ship the Mary Celeste.
Jade Empire is a heroic fantasy LARP based in an Oriental setting. In this scenario, you are at the Winter Court of the Tundra Clan. A beautiful young courtier of the Tundra is to be married but she is attacked before her wedding night. It is up to you to find out who did it, repair the disgrace to the Tundra and Pine Clans, and make sure that the wedding goes ahead...
Three rival factions of the Mages Colleges compete to unlock the arcane mysteries of the ruins of Puketane in a stand-alone scenario from the medieval fantasy campaign Knightshade.
Play agents of the Gods of Law and Chaos in this scenario from Multiverse, a high fantasy campaign based on Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion cycle.
A stand-alone scenario from The Nightmare Circle, an H. P. Lovecraft-inspired 1920s campaign.
A World of Darkness scenario in which the Vampire, Werewolf and Mage groups of Auckland try to maintain an unsteady truce that was brokered after most of the supernaturals were wiped out two years ago.
A realistic scenario about a reunion of former cult members.
A jeepform game inspired by TV soap operas.
An espionage adventure-comedy set at a high-society party in the swinging 60s.
A futuristic United Nations political scenario.
More to come...
Our centerpiece Saturday evening larp is set at the grand opening of the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. The great and good of England and the imperial colonies will rub shoulders, while the huddled masses wait their turn outside. The scenario is written for over 60 characters, so all the attendees of the convention can play together.