Evicting the Dragon
Patrick Cummuskey
Cast list
Name Description
Dion Church Ex-army Maori sergeant leading the resistance up North
Peter Greenway An engineer involved in the secretive Sirius Group of scientists and engineers
Raymond Wilcox The infamous "Blue Ray", leader of the Hauraki pirates
Ian Chan NZ Police officer involved with the Blue-Blacks, police officers opposed to the Chinese occupiers
Russell McKinnon Said to be the infamous "Spectre", a lone-rambo type responsible for numerous assassinations
Dr Cara Caldwell A scientist involved with the secretive Sirius Group of scientists and engineers
Jeanette Sykes A senior member of the militant wing of Greenpeace
Phillipa Sainsbury A senior doctor at Greenlane Hospital for indigenous patients
Kathryn Rodger A former council officer who runs numerous safe houses and covert movement paths
Tania Phillips A young Maori woman who leads a number of former gangs
Tim Sinclair A former police officer in charge of the Waitakere Rangers - partisans hiding in the Waitakeres
Louisa Khan Ex-Airforce captain with strong support from the Indian community
Costume requirements
Modern, possibly semi-military, appropriate for character. Bring maps and props if you want.
Rules and documentation
No rules, conflict should be resolved by roleplaying what makes sense - i.e. if someone shoots you at point-blank range, roleplay an interesting result (the GM will moderate if required).

Game material will be sent to players that sign up in advance.
GM contact
Patrick Cummuskey: caranthas@gmail.com

In the near future, China and its allies have unleashed its military might to invade and occupy countries throughout Asia and Oceania, triggering in essence World War 3.

Parts of New Zealand including Auckland and Wellington have be taken, with resistance limited to the South Island and rural parts of the North.

Now, as the Coalition forces have finally got the upper hand, a secret meeting has been arranged of the resistance leaders in Auckland to finalise a plan to strike at the Chinese occupiers and deal them a crippling blow.