Down and Out in Middenburg
Donna Giltrap & Malcolm Harbrow
Cast List
Name Description
The Prone Man/Lady The beggar "king" or "queen"
Englebert / Hildegard the Benighted "Priest" of Adversa, goddess of misfortune and patron of beggars
Agnes / Otto the sot Has drunk away several fortunes
Noisome Nick/Nell A beggar so disgusting people will pay them to go away
Crazy Harry(iet Claims to have been an alchemist once
Jane / John Lackhand A non-recidivist thief
Unlucky Sam A recent victim of misfortune new to the begging life
Black Cat Can fortell people's misfortunes. Unfortunately there's no profit in it.
Vermin Beggar with an affinity for rodents
Grashnak the half-orc An unfortunate veteran of the Dark Lord's army
Pestilent Pete / Festering Sally A medical wonder. Proud bearer of many diseases.
Lame Jake Descended from a long line of beggars
Fantasy beggars, but we're not going to be anal about it.
Rules and documentation
To be announced.
GM contact
Donna Giltrap:

Life in Arlandia isn't all knights in shining armour and heroes winning pots of gold.

For the court of the Beggar King of Middenburg the deeds of Mighty Kings and Wizards aren't nearly so important as defending your begging spot, avoiding being roughed up by the city watch, and finding a decent recipe for rat stew...