Jade Empire: Uchikake
Erin Hockings
Cast List
Essential Characters
Name Role Gender Description
Tougen Lijuan The Bride Female A beautiful young courtier of the Tundra Clan, Lijuan has never had a cross word spoken against her, much less been attacked; this has shocked her.
Song Shu Mamoru The Groom Male A young bushi of the Pine Clan, Mamoru is at a loss as to why his bride has been attacked, and wants to protect her.
Hyouga Norio The Imperial Magistrate Either A magistrate of the Glacier Clan, Norio has been a magistrate for years, and never failed to solve a case.
Ginrei Chi The Best Friend Either Best friend and fellow sword-school student of Mamoru, Chi is hotheaded and impetuous bushi, but extremely loyal.
Tougen Wen The Parent Either Very protective of his/her daughter, Wen is determined to see Lijuan follow him/herself as a prominent courtier, and is shocked by this attack.
Takamori Hua The Jealous Friend Male Hua has longed for Lijuan from afar for years, since he first met her in the courtier schools.

Characters that would be good to have
Name Role Gender Description
Kentou Liang The Priest(ess) Either A shugenja, Liang is a pious and dedicated priest(ess), who had come to officiate over the wedding.
Kei The Ronin Either A shugenja. Formerly Yamakuro Kei, he/she became a ronin when his/her master died in a treacherous attack.
Lian Makoto The Official Either An intelligent and honourable Imperial Official, Makoto is present to record the details of the wedding for posterity.

Characters for Extra Depth
Name Role Gender Description
Shi Chou Kin The Trader Either A bushi of the Silk Clan and fellow sword-school student of Mamoru, Kin is a little too studious and merchantlike for a bushi – but this can be forgiven, he is Silk Clan after all.
Minori The Trader’s Assistant Male A commoner assistant of Kin, Minori is a scribe and general dogsbody. He has proven useful in the past.
Zao Hikari/Hikaru The Ally Either A shugenja who has very strong connections at court due to a tenure as a priest to the Imperial Clan
Hyouga Ming The Mentor Either A bushi, and the teacher of Song Shu Mamoru, Ginrei Chi, and Shi Chou Kin, an experienced campaigner and tactical genius.
Oriental costuming requested.
Necessary mechanics will be provided on the character sheets.
GM contact
Erin Hockings: jadeempirelarp@gmail.com

Jade Empire is a heroic fantasy LARP based in an Oriental setting. There is high fantasy and heroism - bushi saving villages, shugenja holding back the hordes of Tainted, courtiers saving their Clan from disgrace - but there is also treachery and intrigue. Honour is all, in this world, and the Way of the Samurai is hard.

In this scenario, you are at the Winter Court of the Tundra Clan. A beautiful young courtier of the Tundra is to be married to a bushi of the Pine Clan. The night before the wedding, she is attacked as she meditates before her uchikake - her wedding kimono. The attacker leaves no traces but the bruise on her face, the crumpled uchikake, and the bride’s tanto, embedded in the kimono frame. There are whispers of the evil of the Black Land, and horrible curses. The Imperial Magistrates can find nothing.

It is up to you to find out who did it, repair the disgrace to the Tundra and Pine Clans, and make sure that the wedding goes ahead…