Knightshade: Circle of Sorcery
Dave McIsaac
Cast List
Ideally 20 participants.
Generic fantasy garb.
Rules and documentation
To be announced.
GM contact

Emmisaries from three rival factions within the Mage Colleges have been sent to the ruins of Puketane to investigate mysterious arkantric anomolies that have been reported in the area.

Sightings of strange, misshapen creatures and walking dead are becoming increasingly frequent, tales are emerging of chaotic portals appearing to swallow travellers whole, and rumours are beginning to circulate about a mysterious artifact appearing in the midst of it all.

If such is true, could these events be related? And what of the artifact if it is the cause of these troubles, what other secrets could such an object of power hold? Who will be the first to discover the truth, and unlock the Circle of Sorcery...