By Porl Bowdler, Joel Williams, Rebecca Mahan & Philip Brown
Two years ago, in Auckland, the entire population of the Supernaturals were eradicated - all except the most powerful member of each of the 3 groups. So these mighty rulers three combined to form an uneasy alliance as new fledglings of each of the species inundate the city and vie for positions.

Vampires play the political and human control games. Werewolves guard sacred territories and guard against spirits. Mages unearth secrets long lost and wield arcane powers.

And under all of this the undercurrent that something bad could happen again makes more than a few people nervous.
The Scenario
This scenario is set outside the Auckland campaign arch, and is a trip to the department of backstory. It takes place in the year 1810 or thereabouts and Participants will be playing members of a Maori village.
Cast List
Ideally 20 participants.
Wear plain black pants/skirt and plain black top. If you have anything Maori-esque to dress it up with, please do so. Otherwise, just plain black.
Rules and documentation
To be announced.
GM contact

About the setting
Requiem is the latest edition of the World of Darkness, formerly produced by White Wolf, now produced by CCP - creators of the online game EVE.

The Auckland chapter has taken the three main sub-games of Vampire, Werewolf and Mage and rolled them all into one story.