The Great Exhibition
Rowena Knill, Dave Luxton, Hamish Meads, Liz McCombe & Gary Freedman
The year is 1851 and Prince Albert has sponsored the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations in Hyde Park London, in the specially erected Crystal Palace. Exhibits have come, not only from throughout Britain, but also its expanding imperial colonies, such as Australia, India and New Zealand, and other foreign countries such as Denmark, France and Switzerland.

It is the eve of the official opening and a grand gala is being held. While the huddled masses crouch outside the great palace those with enough money or the right connections will be there to get an advance viewing of the exhibits before the peasants are allowed in tomorrow. It is a great opportunity to see who is who in Victorian society, to see and be seen, and to network with other like folk of similar class.
Cast List
The Great Exhibition is currently sold out. If you wish to play, the event is currently taking a waiting list of names, as it is possible more characters may be written to cater to demand. Please indicate if you would like a spot on the waiting list on your game selection form.

Name Gender Description Costume Suggestion
Dr Elizabeth Anderson Female The first women to be granted a medical degree in England. Victorian dress with stethoscope and/or lab coat.
Ayesha Female She is an mystical, exotic Egyptian here to see the sights and luxuries of London. Exotic Egyptian/Grecian style dress.
Peter Banning Male A junior banker working for Gladstone. Victorian Suit.
Alexander Bell Male Scottish born inventor of the telephone. Victorian Suit.
Annie Besant Female Prominent women's rights activist and theosophist. Victorian Dress
Helena Blavatsky Female Russian born founder of Theosophy. Victorian Dress
Sonya Blyuvshtein Female Beautiful Jewish-Russian lady here to see the wonders of the exhibits. Wealthy Victorian Dress.
Julie Brown Female 'Assistant' to Wild Bill Hickok and his travelling band of sharpshooters. Basic American style Victorian Dress.
Verne Brown Male An American rogue living in London, an advocate for womens rights. Victorian suit or smoking jacket.
Josephine Butler Female British feminist who leads the campaign for the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts. Modest Victorian Dress.
Lady Hazel Chattensworth Female A stunning young heiress recently out in society Wealthy Victorian Dress, modestly appropriate for a young lady.
Bennett Darcy Male Young nobleman and renowned duelist. High class Victorian suit; top hat and tails.
Elizabeth Darcy Female Young noblewoman, sister of Bennett. Wealthy Victorian Dress
Wendy Darling Female A young Englishwoman here to see the sights Victorian Dress
Charles Darwin Male The controversial scientist who wrote 'On The Origin of Species' Victorian Suit
Jack Dawkins Male English born lad returned from a tour of the colonies Victorian Suit, battered top hat.
Benjamin Disraeli Male Politician, high up in the Conservative Party Victorian Suit
Jacob Disraeli Male Son and heir of the politician Benjamin Disraeli Victorian Suit
Lady Cynthia Doveschilde Female Beautiful and wealthy aristocrat who has recently returned to London from extensive travels Wealthy Victorian Dress, slightly risqué
Duncan Echols Male Victim of a severe accident Trench coat, gloves and bandaged face.
Thomas Edison Male American scientist and inventor of many of the era's greatest inventions. Victorian Suit.
George Eliot Female The reclusive male author of many popular novels and poetry. Male Victorian Suit.
Lorenza Feliciani Female Italian Traveler Wealthy Victorian Dress.
Catherine Gladstone Female Wife of the politician William Gladstone Victorian Dress
Mary Gladstone Female Daughter of the politician William Gladstone Victorian Dress
William Gladstone Male Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Liberal Party Victorian Suit
Lord Dorian Grey Male Strikingly handsome nobleman. Upper class Victorian Suit or smoking jacket.
Drusilla Grey Female Shy young London girl. Functional Victorian Dress
Kalika Female An exotic lady from India. Colourful Sari, lots of gold jewelry
Wild Bill Hickok Male Baby faced cowboy leading a team of sharpshooters Wild West Cowboy Outfit
Sherlock Holmes Male Well known London sleuth Pipe, Deerstalker hat and trench coat.
Harriet Howard Female British-born, long term mistress of Louis Napoleon, President of the French Republic Wealthy Victorian Dress, in the latest French style
William 'Buddy' Howser Male Scientist here to show off his inventions. Victorian Suit or lab coat
Victoria Hugo Female French writer and revolutionary. Victorian Dress
Francheska Huntington Female Russian born assistant to Edison American Victorian dress or lab coat.
Sarah Jensen Female Young friend of Oscar Wilde, eager to see the exhibits Victorian dress
Francious LaRoche Male French Inventor Stylish French Victorian Suit. Or Lab coat
Robert E Lee Male Southern general and gentleman representative of the Southern States Cavalry Uniform and BEARD
Dr Livingstone Male Famed explorer and naturalist. Victorian Suit or explorer's outfit
Karl Marx Male Socialist troublemaker. Who let him in? Victorian Suit
Oliver Maylie Male Successful Barrister and theosophist Victorian Suit
Wilhelmina Murray Female Modest Victorian spinster often seen in the company of Allan Quartermain Modest high collared Victorian Dress
Captain Nemo Male Scientific Inventor and Sea Captain Indian Sea captain outfit, Turban
Mabel North Female Recently widow of a wealthy business owner. Black Victorian Dress
Annie Oakley Female Famed American Sharpshooter here to show off her skills American Cowgirl Outfit adored with medals.
Liam O'Connell Male Irishman here to see the exhibits Victorian Suit
Feargus O'Connor Male Irish politician, proponent of Irish Home Rule Victorian Suit
Virginia Oldoini, Countess di Castiglione Female An Italian courtesan know for her risqué behaviour Risqué Victorian Dress
Oichi Female A high class Japanese Geisha Kimono
Allan Quartermain Male Famed Adventurer and big game explorer. Victorian Suit or explorers outfit.
Lady Augusta Ravenswood Female Twice widowed matron, a pillar of Victorian Society Victorian Dress
Lord Cyril Ravenswood Male Young heir to the Ravenswood Estate, and son of Augusta's second marriage Victorian Suit
Xi Shi Female Aide to Yang Yuhuan Chinese style black pants and top
Ching Shih Female The Captain of the Chinese Ship 'Wusheng Hao Chinese style trousers and top
Lillian Smith Female Pretty American Sharpshooter here with Wild Bill's troop American Cowgirl outfit
Bram Stoker Male A ridiculed writer of absurd supernatural tales. High Collared Victorian Suit
Frederick Taylor Male Young business tycoon, son of Augusta Ravenwood's first marriage Victorian Suit
Nikola Tesla Male Austrian-American Inventor known for his work with electricity. Victorian Suit
Vasili Trousov Male Russian Diplomat Victorian Suit
Umslopogas (The Woodpecker) Male A mighty Zulu warrior friend of Allan Quartermain who wields two axes African Native garb with axes.
Captain James Vane Male Captain of the Australian Ship 'HMAS Arthur' Australian Naval Captain's Uniform, Hook instead of left hand
Prof. Abraham Van Helsing Male Dutch Doctor Victorian Suit
Yang Yuhuan Female Diplomat an ambassador from China Chinese Dress
Dr. John Watson Male A Doctor, often found in the company of Sherlock Holmes Victorian Suit, stethoscope, tweed jacket.
Prof. Marcus Whitehall Male A reclusive scholar Victorian Suit
Emma Wickham Female A vivacious girl fascinated by the exhibits. Victorian Dress
Oscar Wilde Male Flamboyant Irish playwright, poet and author Victorian Suit or smoking jacket
Daniel Webster Male The US Secretary of State and a prominent Abolitionist American Victorian Suit
Victorian, as formal as possible. We have a number of characters available from different cultures around the world for people who simply cannot do Victorian. We will have costume suggestions in the cast list.
Character Selection
If you know which character you would like to play, please make a note of it on your Game Selection submission. Characters are allocated on a first in basis. If you are not sure what you would like to play, check back here in a few days, we will have a character questionnaire available. The GMs will make suggestions based on your preferences.
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The Big Saturday Larp
The Great Exhibition is the centrepiece larp of the Chimera 2009, a chance for all the attendees to play together in one big Saturday evening event.

If you only want to make a special costume for one event, this should be the one. We'll be going all out to create a great atmosphere, and prizes will be given for best costume.