Ryan Paddy
It is a kingdom that never was, and always will be. The tale of the rise and fall of Camelot has been told and re-told over the centuries, and has often strayed far from the truth. Now shall we uncover the true history of Camelot, and of all the lords and ladies that had a hand in its shaping and eventual undoing.

Arthur is High King in the land of Camelot, with four British kingdoms under him. To the southwest lies his vassal land of Cornwall, whose influence is growing. To the west is Cameliard, whose king gave his daughter Guinevere's hand in marriage. In the north is the unruly kingdom of Lothian. To the east is noble Listenoise, home of the Fisher King. These four royal families vie for land, treasure and favour within King Arthur's court and their sons serve as Knights of the Round Table. Over the sea to the west lies the Kingdom of Ireland, fiercely independent of Britain.

In this newly-united kingdom the ideals of romantic chivalry are tested against the old rule of might, and Christianity clashes with the old pagan ways. Blood feuds are fought between the noble families, and unseen powers vie for the soul of the land and its people. When a black hart enters the hall at Camelot, the sorcerer Merlin arranges a gathering of all those who might decide the fate of Britain in the face of this dark omen. Now a crucial lost chapter in the history of Camelot will unfold.
Cast of required characters
All of the following characters are required to be cast first, before any of the optional characters are cast. Characters that are shaded are no longer available.

Name Role Sex Age Faction
Argante Warrior-maiden of Avalon Female Young Avalon
Arthur King of Britain Male Mature Britain
Brangaine Handmaiden of Isolde Female Young Ireland
Elaine Pelles' daughter and Galahad's mother Female Mature Listenoise
Galahad Achiever of the Grail Male Young Listenoise
Gawaine Chief knight of the Round Table Male Young Lothian
Guinevere Queen of Britain Female Mature Camelot
Isolde Princess of Ireland Female Young Ireland
Lancelot Champion of the Round Table Male Mature Camelot
Leodegrance King of Cameliard Male Old Cameliard
Lyonesse First daughter of Mark Female Young Cornwall
Mark King of Cornwall Male Mature Cornwall
Merlin Advisor to Camelot Male Old Camelot
Mordred Illegitimate son of Arthur Male Young Lothian
Morgan Half-sister of Arthur Female Mature Lothian
Morgause Queen of Lothian Female Mature Lothian
Nimue Lady of the Lake Female Mature Avalon
Pelles King of Listenoise Male Old Listenoise
Tristan Champion of Cornwall Male Young Cornwall
Cast of optional characters
The following characters will only be cast if all of the required characters of the player's gender are cast first. These optional characters will preferably be cast in the order given below. If any of the players of required characters should pull out, players cast as optional characters will be re-cast to fill those required roles.

Name Role Sex Age Faction
Guineth Second daughter of Leodegrance Female Mature Cameliard
Lynette Second daughter of Mark Female Young Cornwall
Clarissant Daughter of Morgause Female Young Lothian
Palamedes Saracen champion of Cameliard Male Young or mature Cameliard
Percival Nephew of Pelles Male Young Listenoise
Costume requirements
A good standard of costume is requested. The genre is high romantic chivalry in a "timeless medieval" style, so anything from roughly 12C to 16C European fashion is appropriate and fantastic elaborations are suitable for some characters. Armour and foam swords will be appropriate for some characters.

The characters span three generations. "Young" characters are roughly in their late teens, "mature" characters at least in their thirties, and "old" characters in their fifties or older. Players should be able to visually distinguish older and younger characters with the use of appropriate costume and makeup.
Rules and documentation
The rules of play and the setting are available in this player guide (2MB PDF). Combat uses foam weapons and hit points, and simple rules for sorcery and other special abilities are provided.
GM contact
Ryan Paddy:
The Omen
Ere Arthur made he Guinevere his bryde,
In Camelot whereat he spake his trothe,
And was in sacred bands of wedlocke tyde,
To Queene and Kingdome married fullie bothe;
A Stag of Whyte amazd the gatherd hoste.
Now shadows mirk the age of chyvalrie,
Tis seen a Hart of Blacknesse dark and lothe,
An omen needing none to augurie;
Enchaunter Merlin hight a preace of mysterie.