Spy Hard
Tigger Brunton
Cast List
16 - 20 players. Casting questionnaire to come.
Gentlemen Ė tuxedo or suit + tie.
Ladies Ė 60ís chic or formal evening wear.
GM contact
Tigger Brunton: tiggerbrunton@yahoo.co.uk

Looking for romance, thrills and adventure? Itís 1969 (oh behave!) and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the party of the decade. A party riddled with secret agents, double agents, defecting scientists, super villains, henchmen and seductive sirens. Achieve your mission, seduce the double agent and save (or destroy) the world. All without spilling your martini. Spy Hard: Danger! Suspense! Excitement! Itís the party with it all.

Due to the excessive dancing, adult content and sexual innuendo this event is strictly R18.