I'm shy and have never done this before, is Chimera a good event for me?

Yes, without a doubt! Chimera is the perfect first event, as it lets you dip your toes into a lots of different styles of larping, and introduces you to the community. The Chimera Team is always happy to answer any and all questions you have (no question too silly!) and the community is very welcoming to newcomers. It's a great way to make new friends and try something new.

I don't own any larp weapons, can I still play in combat larps?

All combat larps will provide larp-safe weaponry for their players so do not worry about not owning any.

How old do you have to be to attend Chimera?

Chimera is largely an R16 event with attendees under 16 only allowed by special arrangement. If you are under 16, you and your Mum or Dad will need to get in touch with us via email. We absolutely do not allow anyone under 13 but those between 13-16 may be able to attend with a parent or other adult.

Are there any rules at Chimera?

Chimera has a simple code of conduct we ask all participants to follow, in order to make sure the safety and enjoyment of all participants is preserved. Please make sure you read it before registering: NZLARPS Code of Conduct.

How is accommodation handled? Do I get to choose who I share with?

Those who select on site accommodation will be contacted to arrange rooms with people of their choice. Those are able to stay off site are asked to do so to make room for out of towners, or those with no transport options. If you are able to billet friends at your residence for the convention, we encourage you to. We are expecting to have greater accommodation demand this year than we have capacity.

What do you need the information on the registration form for?

Please fill in your real name and correct information. We only needs this information to be able to get in touch with you for the event, and to help look after you while you are there. 

I don't identify as a binary gender, what should I put on my registration form?

The question asked is around what gender you would like to play, rather than what you identify with. If you prefer to play roles that are not strongly gendered please let your Game Master/Facilitator know in their casting phase.

I have an account for Hydra and/or Medusa Larp Convention, can I use the same one for Chimera?

No, you will need to create a new account for Chimera.

How do I fill in my game selections? What should I avoid doing?

For your first, second and third choices, please be sure to put different games. Putting the same game in all three slots does not increase your chances of getting that game. If you put the same game in more than one choice, the second two choices will be considered 'Lucky Dip'. Similarly, if you put "Not Attending" as your second or third choice, be aware that you may indeed be allocated this option if your first choice of game is full. Putting "Not Attending" as your second or third choice does notguarantee you a space in your first choice.

I have chosen my games, when do I find out which games I am in?

Once you make your game selection, your form will be processed by a real live person. It takes about a week to finalise game rosters after the first week of game selections. Therefore, please allow at least a week to be sent your game confirmation email after the you sign up.

I have selected my games, but I have changed my mind about what I want to play.

You can email with your revised choices. We prefer that you email us with your revised choice instead of filling out a second form.

When do I have to pay by?

Popular games often fill up fast, so to ensure your spot, make sure you make payment within 4 weeks of receiving your game confirmation in order to keep your place in the games you selected. Players will not be cast in games (i.e. receive characters) until payment has been received. This reduces stress for our Game Masters who are assured the people they have cast will turn up on the day, and allows you to secure your place in the games you want!

I would like to run a game at Chimera, how do I do this?

Because our timetable for Chimera 2016 is already locked in, we are only accepting submissions for Chimera 2017. If you are interested please email for details, or join our Facebook group or forum and watch for announcements about the game submission.

What is a 'Lucky Dip' pass?

For those who feel like a roleplaying challenge, or just want to be surprised with their game choices, we are trialling a new form of Chimera attendance. For a reduced Chimera weekend attendance price of $30, you will be put into your games two weeks before the convention to help fill vital casting gaps. You could end up playing anyone in anything! It's the ultimate roleplaying and costume challenge. There are a maximum of 10 lucky dip places available.

What is the 'Wall of Awesome'?

Instead of voting after every game, Chimera has a Wall of Awesome where you are encouraged to post (with real post its) funny, memorable and awesome moments. Make sure you remember to post to show your appreciation for those that made stand out moments for you in the game, for the hardworking game writers who put the game together, for people you feel show good spirit, and anyone that you think has gone above and beyond to make your convention experience awesome.